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Introducing FreetoGrow

The new Tip Toey Joey sandal design is roomy, with the perfect amount of space for a little one’s toes to be comfortable in their natural position – straight and activated. This is especially important for the big toe, which is essential for helping first walkers develop a natural gait while finding their balance.

FreetoGrow™ sandals are non-restrictive, helping support the natural growth and development of strong muscles and bones.

What does the foot have to do with the brain?
What does the foot have to do with the brain?

Everything! A child’s foot contains thousands of sensory receptors, meaning little ones can pick up on all the bumps and lumps they feel on the ground below their feet. The more the foot feels where it treads, the more active its connection with the brain.

Thinner soles to feel barefoot
Thinner soles to feel barefoot

ThintoFeel™ low-thickness allows the same sensations of actually walking barefoot. Baby’s sensory and tactile systems will be stimulated, while at the same time, parents have peace of mind knowing their delicate feet are protected.

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